A rainy, overcast day at Log Meadow in Sequoia National Park's Giant Forest.
Squatter's Cabin was built in the 1880's by a socialist utopian group that had established itself in the Sierra Nevada. Once they became aware the land had already been claimed by Hale Tharp, they were forced to abandon the structure. The one-room log structure is located near the edge of Huckleberry Meadow deep within the Giant Forest.
Big Trees Trail is a short, mostly paved trail that circles Round Meadow. The first proper road built leading into the park initially terminated at Round Meadow. This led to the area turning into a semi-permanent village with tent-housing and parking. Fortunately, by the 1930's parking was relocated and the area began restoration.
Granite outcroppings forming a tight passageway on the top of Moro Rock. Moro Rock is a granite dome on the south ridge of Giant Forest that, on a clear day, overlooks the Middle Fork Kaweah River Valley to the south and the Pacific Crest mountains to the east.
A very cloudy morning on the Big Trees Trail at Round Meadow.
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